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PietraEco: Italian manufactured stone, in the heart of the Swiss Alps

PietraEco, Rastone manufactured stone, is the leading actor of the outside claddings of Aparthotel Venediger Lodge, in the city center of Neukirchen, in Austria, surrounded by the majestic Alps in Kitzbühel.

PIETRAECO manufactured stones model Misto Crinale Grigio-Marrone was chosen for the coating on the thermal insulation at the ground floor, thanks to its unquestionable aesthetic and technical qualities and its incomparable lightness.

Hotel rivestimento pietra ricostruita RASTONE

The hotel is immersed in a mountain setting, so we chose a coating that recalls the typical stone of the local Alps.

In Austria attention for the environment is the key value for choosing partners in the construction sector: building companies get a green approach on choose products that do not impact the environment. Therefore the choice of an ecological product like PietraEco was…natural!

Venediger Lodge is a perfect place for a holiday on mountains, whether you want to sky or if you prefer hiking.

From every room you can enjoy a breathtaking view that changes from every side of the hotel, while in the luxurious outdoor pool heated all year round you can enjoy moment of pure relaxation, in a setting that perfectly blend charm and nature. 

Parete esterna in pietra ricostruita RASTONE

Parete esterna del hotel in pietra ricostruita RASTONE

PIETRAECO reconstructed stone was chosen to further enhance a luxurious and modern structure, giving it aesthetic characteristics of naturalness, which blend with the surrounding environment.

An avant-garde creation, which has brought the prestigious PIETRAECO reconstructed stone to the mountains of Austria.

Rivestimento in pietra ricostruita HOTEL Rivestimento in pietra Facciata in pietra ricostruita
Rastone rivestimento pietra interni interni in pietra ricostruita hotel di lusso interni in pietra ricostruita hotel di lusso

Type: Venediger Lodge Neurkirchen
Location: Austria

Materials: Stones misto crinale
Color: grigio – marrone
Services offered: coating on thermal insulation of external walls

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