Tailor made design and innovation

The latest generation of cutting machines in the hands of qualified personnel, who can look back on almost one hundred years of experience in the artisanship of natural stone: this is the secret of RASTONE for tailor-made machining of large-format porcelain stoneware slabs. The resulting style combines a new concept of lightness with avant-garde aesthetics.

INGRES is an exquisite selection of custom-fit interior and exterior claddings and floors, ideal for innovative countertops in the kitchen, a state-of-the-art bathroom, or even stairs that are always one step ahead.


The unique design and craftsmanship of RASTONE underscores the quality of the porcelain stoneware and creates an incomparable offer: large-format panels for a revolution of planning perspectives; exclusive textures for the faithful reproduction of exquisite surfaces; reliability of the product to ensure maximum resistance and hygiene.

Huge Dimensions

The feasibility of certain interventions depends heavily on the dimensions: for this reason, the porcelain stoneware slabs INGRES enable consistent, large-format surfaces of more than 3 meters in size. An opportunity that planners can now use as a new starting point to implement all projects, from interior and exterior walls and floors to large, sleek and modern kitchen tops.

Huge Emotions

The large INGRES porcelain stoneware slabs cover every ambience with selected textures: marble, stone and onyx are just a few of the possible effects of our collection. There are also special textures such as cement, oxidized metal or resins.

Huge Advantages

The INGRES porcelain stoneware slabs adds unique design and reliability characteristics to any home: once laid, the INGRES porcelain stoneware is synonymous with maximum durability and hygiene.

- excellent flexural strength
- stain resistant
- abrasion resistant
- non scratch
- impact resistant
- resistant to chemical attack
- resistant to thermal shock
- resistant to high temperatures
- frost resistant
- weather proof
- 100% hygienic