Every panel is a unique work of art

Design, eco-sustainability and fine workmanship are the three values behind our in-depth studies. The result is our new INTEAK collection. Our research has taken us to the very limit of the new frontiers of eco-friendly production and creative craftsmanship, to turn the very highest quality teak into unique panels, each a work of art in its own right.

Design, breaking new ground for creativity

Creativity is the soul, the spirit that breathes life into each INTEAK panel, alongside a careful choice of material and craftsmanship. Every INTEAK wall becomes a unique work of art. Authentic, exclusive, refined design and absolute quality: you just have to touch it. A product already applauded by the world's top designers and architects.

Eco-sustainability, an absolute value

INTEAK is our response to the very latest concepts of upcycling. We have thus found a use for the spreading crown of teak, the strongest part of the tree and the most exposed to the artistic effects of Nature. Already naturally worked. A unique material further enhanced by skills of our craftsmen. That's why each Inteak panel is of immense value, as it represents sustainability.

Works of art, and craftsmanship

Choose to clad a wall with INTEAK and you're supporting top quality craftsmanship. Quality guaranteed by our experiments in style and the excellence of our hand-crafted panel production process. True designer creativity, the result of human hands and intelligence.

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