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PietraEco manufactured stone and wood: style and sustainability

Wood and stone, two primitive materials, that are more and more used in modern, design and eco-friendly constructions.

Rastone, with its PietraEco manufactured stones, realized the external walls of this wooden house, created by Bahaus Srl, a company specialized in project and construction of prefabricated wooden houses.  

Even if in two so different areas, Rastone and Bahaus Srl have the same values, such as continuous and constant search of innovative and cutting edged technologies to realize high qualitative standard, with high attention in energy sustainability in building market. 

For the external walls of this wooden house it has been chosen the type Grand Canyon color perla (90%) and sabbia (10%).

The cold and elegant color of the walls with PietraEco near the warm and rustic ones of the wood beams create a unique and perfect contrast, where each materials well enhanced. 

Pietra e legno
Pietra ricomposta sostenibile

PietraEco is the perfect material for the realization of the external walls of this wooden house, because it is consistent with the eco-friendly idea at the base of the project.

The manufactured ecological stones by Rastone are produced limiting at the minimum the excavation of natural stone and are ideal for external walls of prefabricated houses, due to their high lightness.

Wood is the ideal material for thermal insulation due its capacity to retain heat, thanks to its low thermal conductivity and its high specific heat. PietraEco manufactured stone is ideal for the laying on thermal insulation, thanks to its high lightness and breathability. 

The combination of wood with manufactured stone by Rastone is one of the best solution to guarantee energy saving and less pollution, respecting in this way our planet. 

Pietra ricostruita per esterni
Pietra ricostruita PietraEco Pietra ricostruita PietraEco Pietra ricostruita ecologica

Type of work: cladding of external walls
Location: private
Modell: Grand Canyon
Colors: 90% perla, 10% sabbia
Type of laying: dry joint laying

Services: technical consultant, supply and laying 
House realized by: Bahaus Srl
Photos by: Matteo Zuffellato

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