01 - Misti

Misto Podere

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Characteristics of the wall shown here:

Colour: Grigio
Laying technique: Normal Joint
Grout: Ecostucco Grey

Misto Podere

Laying with grouting: 1,5 - 2,5 cm

Size (from - to): 25 - 900 cm²

Thickness: 2 - 6 cm

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Misto Podere - Crema Crema Misto Podere - Beige Beige Misto Podere - Grigio Grigio

FORMS: all models of the range are made up of flat elements and corner elements manufactured with various and diverse moulds that are different from each others in form and thickness.

COLOURS: basic colours can be mixed all together and in perfect harmony with ECOSTUCCO colours.

INSTALLATION: in case of dry laying of models that require the installation with open joint, consider a 15-25% increase while ordering.