The work of nature, the art of RASTONE

PIETRANATURAL: the RASTONE collection of choice natural stone. The result of in-depth studies and the careful selection of stone from the best quarries around the world, which has then been finely and respectfully worked in our workshops. Nature's most perfect creations and man's most skilled hands. A line of natural stones with unique technical characteristics coming in a variety of different shades: ideal for adding interest and cladding surfaces, both indoors and outside. PIETRANATURAL: beauty and elegance combined with strength and lasting performance.


With almost a century of experience in working and transforming natural stone, RASTONE can model and shape stone to exactly how you want it. The technical office at the RASTONE Atelier is always happy to find the best applications for your current and future projects. Supported by our young, knowledgeable team, choose one of our many top quality natural stone cladding and flooring solutions: marble, granite, slate, pebble and sandstone. Turn your dreams into reality.


As the name suggests (pietra means “stone” in Italian), natural stone is a product of Nature. Fragile, yes, to be handled with care, also, but at the same time solid, eternal and with a primordial charm. Some are harder than others, more compact and less subject to weather; others are more fragile and need more care. A living, changeable material that transforms over time. Yet the fact that a kitchen surface or vanity unit show signs of wear and tear should not be considered a defect, but a valuable quality.

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