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Reconstructed stones in Umbrian countryside

Reconstructed stones in a farmhouse between tradition and innovation 

A new realization in the heart of the colorful Umbrian countryside, a place where you can stay away from the frenzy of modern life and a paradise for nature and good food lovers.

Rastone puts the signature on external walls of this charming farmhouse, that blends harmoniously with the surroundings thanks to the wise use of reconstructed stones

The country's environment fits perfectly with the architectural and stylistic choice of the house, creating a perfect match between tradition and authenticity, enhancing the essence of the Umbrian area.

The use of reconstructed stones gives the farmhouse a timeless charm, typical of farmhouses, where the architecture boasts a prominent personality.

Even if it is a new construction, it seems to have deep roots in Umbrian history and culture, thanks to the choice of this traditional material

Cascinale con pareti in pietra ricostruita
abitazione in pietra ricostruita muri in pietra ricostruita esterni in pietra ricostruita

Rastone experts were near to the architect in the choice of the best reconstructed stones in order to bring out the construction at the best.

Misto Podere color beige was chosen for the external walls of this wooden house.

The neutral tone of the color beige creates a delicate contrast with the lush green of the Umbrian fields and hills, creating an atmosphere of serenity and harmony.

Paesaggio campagne umbre
pietra ricostruita nelle campagne umbre portico in pietra ricostruita porta esterna in pietra ricostruita

This house shows and excellent example of how reconstructed stones can be used to create a fascinating and authentic but also functional aesthetic.

PietraEco is a practical finishing easy to lay in short times, even on walls with thermal insulation.

Type of work: external walls
Location: Umbria, Italia

Modell: Misto Podere
Color: Beige

Services: technical and aesthetic advice, supply and lay.

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