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Back to the roots: reconstructed stones on external wall of a beautiful villa in upper Valtellina

In a lovely corner of upper Valtellina, in the province of Sondrio, an ambitious renovation project with reconstructed stones comes to life, with the aim to recreate the atmosphere of old walls. 

An architectural work of art is born by the cooperation of the customer, the designer and the installers. It is armoniously blended with the mountain landscape in the nearby, with its millenary traditions and the evocative views that inspired the creation of a style that recalls the old beauty of the stone walls.

After an analisys of the traditional materials and techniques it was chsen a reconstructed stone that is albe to bring back to life the distinctive features of local huts and buildings together with a modern and sustainable approach throughout the construction. 

The key of the success is the full grouting, and old art that needs a great manual dexterity. The choice of the coarse grain gives the walls a rustic and genuine touch of the old masonry, with an irregular and vibrant aesthetic result that gives charachter and personality to the villa. 

Villa in montagna con muri in pietra ricostruita

A further strong point di the carefull combination of colors, both of grouting and of reconstructed stones.

EcoStucco beige marchigiano together with PietraEco Sierra, mixed in colors oliva 50%, perla 40%, caffè 10% enables to reach the desired cromatic effect. 

The neutral color harmonizes perfectly with the landscape and accentuated the appearances, typical of the pre-Alpine area highly sought in the design phase. 

Villa con muri in pietra Pietra allungata sierra con stuccatura piena a grana grossa
panorama valtellina

A project that demonstrates in a real way how innovation can get together with tradition in a harmonious way and transform the living areas in art.

facciata con muri in pietra ricostruita Parete in pietra ricomposta STUCCATURA PIENA, CON GRANA GROSSA

Type of work: external wall cladding
Location: private

Model: Sierra
Colors: oliva 50%, perla 40%, caffè 10% mixture
Type of installation: full grouting with coarse grain

Services: technical consultancy, material and installation

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